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“Its the PITS!” — MENOPAUSE, A New Balance

“Its the PITS” “I am MISERABLE!” It doesn’t have to be this way.  “ REALLY ?!” - you ask. Yes, REALLY . Peri-Menopause begins long before we notice any changes in our bodies. As early as our mid-30s, hormones begin to change - mostly imperceptibly, at first. Obviously, this varies from woman to woman, based upon many factors. Hereditary trends, lifestyle/dietary influence, environmental exposures, prescription medications, history of fertility treatments, and other medical history factors. FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone - in the brain ever-so-gradually begins to rise in response to decreasing Estrogen levels.  Why increase? It is the brain sensing a drop in the Reproductive hormone, and working to increase production at the level of the body. Progress of dropping Estrogen levels can happen more swiftly in some women — and over decades for other women.  We typically continue our regular cycles in the earliest of what we call “sub-clinical” (asymptomatic) changes. This is what we cal

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