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UTI - It was a hot summer in the fields...

It was a hot summer in the fields at her homestead farm... Recalling a current Patient that had been working long days harvesting crops in her family homestead field, during a particularly hot summer. She spent long days tending to normal tasks, but additionally, harvesting days are notably more physically demanding. Its easy to get dehydrated, sure. Most of us don't really think about our body's sweat, and how the combination of dehydration with warm, damp clothing can impact our Urinary System. Fluids are expended (lost) through:   -- Breath. We lose water through normal respiration, and with the heat and physical exertion, heart rate + respiration rate with fluid loss increases.  -- Skin. We lose water through sweat to cool the body.  Dehydration adds to reduced urine output, so we are less able to flush the bacterium effectively. Add to that,  Bacteria and Fungus thrive in warm, damp, and dark conditions. Its a self-perpetuating cycle, and it can quickly escalate from a Bla

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